The PubSub plugin gives agents the ability to create nodes, subscribe to nodes and publish items to nodes following the XEP 0060 (

To use SPADE PubSub in a project:

from spade_pubsub import PubSubMixin
from spade import Agent

class YourAgent(PubSubMixin, Agent):
    # Your code here...


Mixins MUST be always placed before the Agent class in the inheritance order.

Working with nodes

An agent can create a node where other agents may subscribe in order to receive notifications when new items are published in such node.


Due to limitations of the XMPP Publish-Subscribe standard, agents MUST be registered in the XMPP server with creation privileges in order to create nodes. (e.g. In Prosody include them in the admin list (admins = {}).


Note that you MUST substitute PUBSUB_JID with the address of the pubsub component that your XMPP server uses (e.g. “pubsub.localhost)

To create and delete a node in a PubSub server:

await self.agent.pubsub.create(PUBSUB_JID, "Name of the node")
await self.agent.pubsub.delete(PUBSUB_JID, "Name of the node")

To get all nodes from a PubSub server:

list_of_nodes = await self.agent.pubsub.get_nodes(PUBSUB_JID)

To purge all items from a node:

await self.agent.pubsub.purge(PUBSUB_JID, "Name of the node")

Publishing Items to a node

Once a node is created, you can publish information to that node. That information will be received by all subscriptors of the node.

Publish an item:

await self.agent.pubsub.publish(PUBSUB_JID, "Name of the node", "Payload of the item")

Get all published items from a node:

items = await self.agent.pubsub.get_items(PUBSUB_JID, "Name of the node")

Subscribe and unsubscribe:

await self.agent.pubsub.subscribe(PUBSUB_JID, "Name of the node")
await self.agent.pubsub.unsubscribe(PUBSUB_JID, "Name of the node")

Register callback function to receive published items:

def my_callback(self, jid, node, item, message=None):
    # Your code here

# register callback

Get all subscriptions of a node:

list_of_subs = await self.agent.pubsub.get_node_subscriptions(PUBSUB_JID, "Name of the node")